Im Back!!!!



Not So much have I necessarily been “Gone” so to speak, but I’ve just been uninspired to write  and quite naturally at times afraid to POST.  Not so much afraid of my content choices, but rather the way each piece would be received or understood. I know what some may be wondering……. What brought you back? My answer; Four things 1) MY ability to express my views in a unique way 2) My Love for writing 3) My Randomness in my content that can occur as I further along my blogging Journey and Lastly 4) The fact that my Domain name was about to expire and I hadn’t written anything, since the day I actually opened up a WordPress blog  lol So now everyone that has decided to follow me Thank You, and to all of the other bloggers/writers of whom I’ve re-posted their work  , Thank You as well. So from Now on I will be posting regularly. So please continue to check in on my blog and hopefully you all will enjoy the posts that are coming through right here on 




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