At some point in life we must realize that, just as we grow chronologically, we too must grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All of these things come  a long in our lives in the form of a process. It is also  for those same reasons that age isnt always indicative of this, but the willingness to change/ grow  and implement such progression most certainly is. Often times we all become so self righteous and judgemental of others that we forget to check ourselves and clean up messes weve made along the way, and begin to rebuild. We also forget that a huge part of growing up and maturity is understanding that brief glimpses in others lives is hardly a reflection of their journey. We all see that it is quite easy to become hurt when someone else judges us based on our downfalls. It is also annoying when we are idolized based on the highlight reels of our lives. So how is it that one can -with these realizations- openly make assumptions or pass judgments? Especially when it is simply to tear down someone else based on their past  or their success. If there is anything that one must take away from reading this is; understand that growth is a process and not only must we all change for the better, but we must respect other people’s steps in their own unique  journies  to progression.

(*) ( Photo Credit : Getty Images Science Photo Library )


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