Unmeasurable Love: Tribute to MY MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER 



On May 11th, 2015 My Grandma Transitioned to Heaven, and although she was 91 It was Unexpected. SHE WASNT ILL, and other than her arthritis she pretty much had a clean bill of health. My family and I were able to speak with her on Sunday May 10th, “Mothers Day” not knowing that would be the last time that we’d all be able to speak to her. Preceding her death all of her funeral arrangements happened fast and being the only writer in my immediate family, I had been given the heart wrenching task of writing her obituary. However, after doing so, at approximately 4:00 am this poem entitled  ” Unmeasurable Love ” came to me after prayer, and listening to some Mahalia Jackson and last but not least Bill Withers Song entitled “Grandma’s Hands”. I hope everyone who reads this gets a sense of  the awesomeness that was my Grandmother who’s name is Novella Best. Yes, thankfully I was named after her as well as my Paternal Grandmother.

Unmeasurable Love

By Novella Dillard
A Grandmother is a special treasure,

Her impact on our lives can not be measured.
Shes often Drenched in Loving Care A Hug to give When Mom and Dad are not Near. This Loss of you is hard to bare,We couldn’t have imagined you not here.
But God had reminded us all, that in an instant he did call. No more Sickness, No more Pain, No more sadness of this life will reign.
For you have entered into heavens door. Where Joy and Happiness is Forever More. Though We will miss you for a Time your legacy will forever be in our hearts and minds
We will always remember how well you could Sew and How your phenomenal cuisine made our belly’s Grow. More importantly the memories of times you’ve helped to embed the word of God in our lives.
Nearly 92 years of Wisdom in Life, We Appreciate you, and you know you were loved. Until We meet again in the Heavens above We will all continue to share in your compassion and Love.
A Grandmother is a Special Treasure, and a Love like Novella Best’s can never be measured.


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